Google Ads new Business Name and Logo Assets (Extensions)

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ImportantThe beta version of the business name and logo service is only accessible to marketers that satisfy belowmentioned requirementsAs quickly as your business information is accessibleyou’ll receive a notification asking you to do so.

ImportantPlease be aware that only some assets will display during this testFor the newest informationhave a look at your AdWords account on Google.

New business information asset enables you to supplement your current mobile text adverts with corporate resources like your company name and logo. By utilizing brand value, these possessions can assist you in developing stronger connections while including potential and current clients.

Business Name and Logo Extensions Requirements

Your account must be approved for the AdWords Program Verification, and finish it to the usage of these materials in your text advertisements.

Please be aware that these holdings do not ensure to appear and that, for excellence – associated factors, Google could use a temporary logo and a link to another website instead. The current information of business data is accessible to almost all users but will gradually become available to marketers who automatically conform to the prerequisites mentioned above requirements. Please get in touch with a member of your AdWords account management team or Google’s support staff, if you have any questions.

How to create business information assets


AdWords by Google will investigate your website and automatically generate your business information such as name and logo design as a starting point. You can access and remove these Google Ads assets from your account.

As explained below, your possessions can also be put to use (such as your company’s name and logo).

In the event that Google Ads is unable to reach your website, your ads will continue to display the Business Name, Web address and a generic logo, and indicate if the assets on your webpage are currently eligible or if there is a temporary ineligibility.


You may add your company’s name and logo for each campaign if you happen to meet the requirements. The same company name and company logo may be used across many campaigns.

Tip: The system can review your submitted assets in as little as two working days. Your advertisement will still seem during that period, but by default, a globe symbol and your URL will be displayed.

Steps for Business Name and Logo Extensions uploading

In order to add a this (name or logo) asset, navigate to the Ads & Assets section within your Google Ads account. Select “Assets” and then click on the “+” button to add your preferred Business Name and Logo extension.

Extensions requirements

Resources for business information should abide by all trademark, copyright, and Google ads policies to guarantee that consumers receive high-quality advertising experiences. These resources are also subject to certain format requirements.

Standards for creating a Business Name asset

  • It must correspond precisely to a website or official name entered during Verification of Advertiser;
  • The advertisement’s landing page should display the name;
  • Maximum character length is 25;
  • Supported languagesENJPFRand DE.

Standards for creating a Logo asset

  • The logo must be appropriate for the promoted business and reliable with domain name;
  • Square aspect ratio (1×1);
  • The suggested picture resolutions are 1200 × 1200 and 128 x 128 (minimum);
  • PNG and JPG file types5120 KB is the largest file size allowed;
  • Compatible with both the bright and the dark mode;
  • Place your restorative material in the middle of the imageor 80of itas this is considered a safe place for photos by Googlewhich may make your logo in multiple waysLogos may have their corners rounded off in live display and ad preview.

Monitoring Business Name and Logo Asset Results

The resources report shows how well your company name and logo have performed in terms of clicks and impressionsAny one of these resources may also be eliminated from reporting table.

Best practices

Create Appropriate assets depending on your account setup for your company’s representation.

All the ad groups in a certain strategy should be appropriate for the company name and logo you supplyEnsure your asset is pertinent to each movement if you connect the same support to more than one campaign.

Google advises utilizing one company name and one logo for a specific domain name for all of your advertising and accounts to ensure the most incredible user experience.

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